Sunday, August 3, 2014

More interventions and issues to address when dealing with Alzheimer's.

I received my latest copy of 'Healthy Living' from Sams Club. There was an informative article titled "Answering the Challenge of Alzheimer's Disease" by Michele Mongillo. There is so much information out there that it sometimes gets confusing, overwhelming, overloading. This particular article struck me as being informative because it hit upon a few things that I don't remember seeing in other places.

As stated in other articles, we are reminded that Alzheimer's shows itself in behavioral difficulties as well as in medical conditions. Some of the behaviors may be repetitive motions, outbursts, physical aggression and it is best to remember that these actions are not intentional. Also coming into play with this behavior is pain, poor sleep, hunger, thirst, feeling lost or not belonging. Michelle lists a few key interventions for caregivers:

•Always stay calm, talk softly and slowly.
•​Attempt to turn repetitive motions into an activity. If the loved one is repeatedly folding a napkin, provide a small basket of washcloths or clothing items to fold.
•Try to determine if the person is having some type of pain. They may not be able to communicate this to the caregiver.
•Avoid overcrowded situations, increased activity and even multiple people in the home, as they can be overwhelming and confusing for a person with dementia.
•Don’t argue with the loved one; rather, try to validate their feelings and get them engaged in some type of activity.
•Simplify daily tasks. If the person is calmer in the morning, then schedule appointments/errands during those hours.

See the rest of the story on "care 4 elderly parents".

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